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Crochet Hook Size Gauge


Acrylic, made in USA.

If you have ever wondered why your gauge seemed to change in the middle of your project when you know you have only been using hooks that all state they are the same size, you are not alone. Unfortunately, for many years, crochet hooks have been sized according to each manufacturers standards. Each with their own interpretations and reasons behind their sizing choices.

The Craft Yarn Council of America (CYCA) has worked with cooperating hook manufacturers to develop U.S. size standards for knitting needles and crochet hooks.

More information may be found at www.yarnstandards.com/hooks.html

Many new hooks are now being manufactured and labeled to these standards. However, there remain unresolved sizing and labeling conflicts between manufacturers for crochet hooks above size L-11 (8 mm). CYCA recommends that the millimeter size be relied upon for accuracy since those are the only measurements not open to interpretation.

The UK hook size associations shown on this gauge are based on the approximations shown on CYCA’s reference chart. The actual UK standard is based on the Imperial Standard Wire Gauge (SWG).

Tapered gauge vs. “hole” gauge

This gauge was originally developed to aid in determining the size of handmade crochet hooks while in development. It is important to know how close you are to the size hook you are trying to make without passing it up in the process.

Typical hook size gauges available today are usually of the “hole” variety. They are normally manufacturer-dependent and are useful to quickly determine what size a hook is by means of finding the last hole that a hook will fit into. The very nature of this method means that each hole needs to be small enough to exclude the next size larger hook. This fact is because making the hole the same size as a hook would make it difficult to insert and would cause people to think their hook was a size smaller than it actually was.

In comparison, the design of a tapered size gauge allows you to see the true physical size of each hook in your collection. Regardless of manufacturer and regardless of the size markings given, you will know, for certain, the size relationship between individual hooks.


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